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We teach your employees to design innovative processes independently and to further develop ideas, generating new business for your company.

In hands-on trainings and the gamified version “Business Design Game”, you will learn to visually model strategies, services and business models, and to implement them through fast iterations based on “Lean Startup”. All this will happen through interdisciplinary teams, across departments and knowledge boundaries. Our lecturers have extensive experience in accompanying fast track innovation projects, having taught this topic at leading universities and MBA programs worldwide

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We analyze your customers, your markets and your business to develop winning strategies, services and business models that make your company succeed in the future.

Through visual approaches, we develop tangible “representations” of innovative strategies, services and business models. We will work closely with the experts in your organisation to develop solutions collaboratively. We will identify your customers’ wants and needs and what is relevant to their everyday life – today as well as in the future. You will experience how you can tap into new markets, how new services can strengthen your product offering and how new sales and communication channels can boost your business.

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We implement innovative strategies and business models closely linked to the market. Through short project cycles, we assess and evaluate what really works, enabling your success.

Being in touch from an early stage, ideas and business models will undergo a constant fine-tuning. The final result will excite customers, partners and your own employees. Everybody affected by and involved in the idea will be included in the development process from the outset. They will be empowered. They will then be in a position to keep the project going and see through the necessary changes in your company after our direct involvement.

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Connect your thinking. To learn from other industries is a core element to drive innovation in your industry. We help you find ideas through intelligent combination of business models that are not yet common or present in your world. We developed the business model wheel to inspire your industry with successful models around the world and facilitate cross industry workshops on request. Please contact us for more information.



Canvas of the month

The canvas for the month of July is our Lean Offerings / MVP Canvas.It gives you guidance on deciding which of the minimum set of features should be part of your first offerings, allowing you to charge customers and test your hypotheses.


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MGSM Announcement

The Leadership Insight Series at MGSM is designed for time-poor leaders who need high quality, short workshops to develop capability and competency to meet the demands of the business environment now and in the future. fluidminds is proud to teach Business Design as part of this exclusive series and we encourage you to check out the full program.

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Free Innovation Tools 

fluidminds  sends once a month a free publication to its subscribers. You will receive tools for business design that you can use within your organisation and research findings around the world related to the impact of technology on business models.




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